Denis Brown Bar/ Abduction Bar

40,000 د.ا

Orthopedic Shoes with Dennis Brown Splint

For pathologic foot alignment conditions including severe metatarsus adductus , tribal torsion or club foot, we provide pre-fabricated Denis Brown bar/ abduction bar, a metal foot plate attached to corrective shoes. The Dobbs Bar is a dynamic system which lets children move and kick their legs independently which gives clubfoot kids new-found freedom when it comes to crawling and being more active in the brace


Denis Brown Splint made of nice-looking, lightweight high-quality aluminum alloy,can match with Dennis Shoe meanwhile with AFO

The length between Markell shoes can be adjusted according to medical requirement

Adjustment of foot adduction and abduction according to medical requirement and infant patient’s condition

Unique ankle strap ensure the heel to fit inside shoes

Comfortable leather material

A choice of 5 types for different ages of infant patients

Improve infant patienfs foot inversion,foot eversion ,clubfoot and so on by change of length and curve between Markell Shoes

Five types for Orthopedic Shoes,  the length is 8CM,10CM,12CM,14CM,16CM available

Three types for Dennis Brown Splint,S/M/L


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