Olive Oxygen Concentrator Olv-5

400,000 د.ا

High oxygen purity 93% ± 3%
◢ 1 year warranty
◢ Suitable for 24 hours continuous work


5lt Oxygen Concentrator Specs

Model OLV-5
Maximum Recommended Flow 0-5L/min
Oxygen Concentration ≥93%±3%
Power supply 220V 士 22V 50Hz 士 IHz/ll0v 土 15V60Hz 士 1Hz
Output pressure 20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power 300W
Sound level 45dB(A)
Net Weight 22kg
Dimension(MM) 490x270x560
Working System Continuous flow
Atomization quantity
>0.15ml/min(0nly modes with atomization function
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The OLV-5 is a home use Oxygen Concentrator with a high (93% +-3% and a 0.5% L/min) oxygen flow. The OLV-5 adopts PSA technology to produce high levels of oxygen to meet medical standards. The OLV-5 is a safe and effective home use oxygen concentrator with automatic alarms and has a low power consumption of only 0.3kW per hour. The OLV-5 comes standard with a nasal cannula and humidifier


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