Taylor’s Brace Urbane Type – Long

65,000 د.ا

The Tynor Taylor’s Brace Urbane Long is a lightweight spinal brace designed to provide full support and comprehensive coverage to the sections of the spine including the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine. Through the use of this brace, the spine is immobilized in a neutral position. It allows the body to move as it normally would for normal activities, while protecting and maintaining the spine structure in its correct position.


Product highlights

  • It can help maintain your spine in its natural position
  • It can be used to correct posture
  • It can help restrict spinal cord movement
  • The 3D fabric that can aid in achieving comfort and ventilation
  • It comes in different sizes to properly fit the person wearing it


Taylor’s Brace Urbane Type – Long

  • دعامة خفيفة الوزن
  • توفير الدعم الكامل والتغطية الشاملة لأجزاء العمود الفقري بما في ذلك العمود الفقري الصدري والقطني والعجزي
  •       تثبيت العمود الفقري في وضع محايد
  • حماية هيكل العمود الفقري والحفاظ عليه في وضعه الصحيح
  • متوفر في مقاسين SPL/UN


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