The Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight -1 KG

10,000 د.ا

Wearable Weights Are Wonderful for Rehabilitation, Fitness Routines, Jogging, Etc. Sleek Design & Cushioned Moisture-Wicking Material Offer Non-Abrasive Comfort

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Designed for comfort and durability, this moving lower leg weight is made with a neoprene outside, strong stitching and removable iron sand weights for simple adjustment per side. Incredibly fit your lower leg weight. IDEAL FOR WELLNESS, CARDIO WORKOUTS OR ACTIVE RECOVERY: Adds Resistance & Challenging to Build Body Quality, Rehabilitates Muscles, Promotes Adjustment & Coordination for Active Recovery, Home Workouts, Walking, Running, Standing from Center, Cross Fitness, Cardio Motivating Workouts, Center Logging and many different health exercises



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